Experienced In All Aspects Of Immigration Law

Few things are as challenging as immigration. This is especially true when you are trying to reunite your family. Plus, immigration law is always changing. Any immigration issue calls for help from an attorney with the experience to get the job done quickly and completely.

El Kodssi Law Firm provides immigration services for family members, students, workers, businesses and more. There are many paths to immigration in Michigan and across the country. We can help you through the entire process. We will handle the application and even the appeal, if necessary.

Trusted Counsel During Such A Tough Time

The laws are always changing. What may seem certain today could change tomorrow. During such a time in this country, you need a lawyer with a steady hand to guide you.

Our principal attorney, Hayssam A. El Kodssi, has legal experience in the U.S. as well as abroad. He understands the challenges you face. While our offices are located in Dearborn, immigration law is a national issue. For this reason, our services are valuable no matter where you live.

Bringing Your Family Together

Reuniting your family may not be as simple as you think. Getting a family visa can be complicated on your own. Our offices help reunite more and more families every day. We also help keep families together in the U.S.

Call our office today at 313-406-8935 for a free initial consultation. We offer services in French and Arabic as well as English. We look forward to helping you overcome the problems that stand in the way of your immigration. Contact us online to get started.