Modifications To Child Custody And Child Support

It isn’t unusual for finances and family relationships to change after a divorce. Incomes change. The amount of time you have to spend with your child can increase or decrease. You can get remarried, bringing more children into your life. If any of these changes have taken place in your life, or other changes affecting your original child custody order, contact an experienced attorney before you do anything else.

It’s crucial that you follow proper procedure in requesting modifications to existing parenting plans, visitations, support and other elements of a child custody order. Failing to obey the order can result in unintended and unwanted legal consequences that have a negative impact on your life.

Reasons for Requesting Child Custody Modifications

  • Changes in school or work that make a modification necessary.
  • The other parent demonstrates that they are unfit to carry out their parental duties as a result of child abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol abuse, long-term unemployment or other reasons.
  • A noncustodial parent consistently forgets, avoids or neglects parenting time and visitation.
  • A parent has personal or work reasons for moving out of state or country.

We strongly urge you to consult with a divorce lawyer experienced in child custody matters before attempting to work out informal modifications with a former spouse. Too often, these informal arrangements lead to legal problems and other negative consequences. It is better for you and your child to make modifications formal and legal.

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