Alimony Is Calculated By A Formula, So What Can You Do?

You can get a lawyer on your side who knows how to defend your rights in divorce and advocate strongly for your best interests. Even though alimony agreements are calculated by the formula in the state statute, there are still reasons to have a lawyer:

  • Ensure that the formula is followed correctly.
  • Negotiate spousal support based on your property division agreement.
  • Build a case for evaluation of the factors that determine support payments in your best interests.
  • Protect your interests throughout the divorce process.
  • Successfully modify the support agreement if your or your ex-spouse’s circumstances change substantially in the future.

At El Kodssi Law Firm, attorney Hayssam A. El Kodssi independently evaluates the many factors that will determine your spousal support payments. He will determine if payments are even appropriate in your case — not all divorce decrees include alimony payments. It is critical to set your expectations correctly. Whether you are the primary income earner or not, your standard of living will change significantly with divorce.

Calculating Spousal Support In Michigan

In Dearborn, Wayne County and throughout southeast Michigan, spousal support payments are calculated the same way by all family law courts, but significant variables can still affect your agreement. Your attorney can help you achieve the most favorable resolution possible within this system.

The greatest determining factors will be the present financial situations and future earning power of each spouse. Gross income along with other economic and noneconomic factors will play into the formula that determines the appropriate level of payments for your unique case:

  • Future earning power
  • Length of the marriage
  • Whether the party seeking alimony is capable of supporting himself or herself
  • Contributions of each party to educational degrees and job training
  • Contributions of the homemaker
  • Property and debt levels of each party
  • Each party’s physical, emotional and mental condition
  • Marital misconduct

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