Legal Representation For Retail Bank Issues

Everyone is vulnerable to crimes such as check fraud or fraudulent electronic transfers of funds. While we all do our best to be careful with our money, thieves are becoming more sophisticated. Couple that with the fact that more and more of our banking and shopping are done online, creates opportunities for people to be taken advantage of.

When you have lost money through check fraud, a fraudulent electronic transfer or some other type of situation, your bank may have certain legal obligations to assist you, especially if it failed to take the necessary steps to ensure the security of your accounts. Your bank may need to compensate you for your losses.

If you have lost money through fraud that involved your bank and it is not assisting you, we can help you assert your rights. But, it is important to act as soon as possible as these types of claims may need to be filed within a certain time period.

Has Your Bank Billed You Inappropriately?

Sometimes, the loss of money came about because of the bank’s direct actions. All too often people are charged erroneous fees that can be quite substantial. The banks may claim the fees were appropriate even if they clearly were not. They may also refuse to refund erroneous fees.

Protection In Complex Banking Disputes

At El Kodssi Law Firm, we understand many of the different types of difficulties retail banking can bring upon you. Our skills and extensive experience allow us to be effective advocates for you when your bank is not being sufficiently responsive to your genuine needs. Let us help you create the strong case to ensure that your issues are appropriately addressed.

Help ATM Theft And Other Retail Bank Issues In Dearborn

When your bank is failing to assist you with issues such as fraudulent ATM transactions, we can help you secure the best possible outcome. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 313-406-8935 or contact my office online.

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