Defending Those Wrongfully Evicted

Both landlords and tenants have legal obligations in a landlord-tenant relationship. When you rent or lease a property, you are obligated to make payments and keep the property maintained according to the contract that you signed with the landlord. However, much of the maintenance responsibilities fall upon the landlord.

At El Kodssi Law Firm, we help people who have been unfairly treated or evicted by landlords in the Detroit and Dearborn area. Eviction attorney Hayssam A. El Kodssi can enforce your legal rights in Michigan involving:

  • Constructive eviction, which involves a landlord doing or failing to do something that results in making the property uninhabitable (e.g., landlord’s refusal to fix heating or access to running water)
  • Fair housing rights (discrimination issues with your landlord)
  • Protections against landlord retaliation when you exercise a legal right
  • Special protections if you have been the victim of domestic violence
  • The right to withhold rent if your landlord fails to fix important repairs such as heating and access to clean water
  • Wrongful eviction or lease termination
  • Failure to disclose environmental health hazards or other property defects

You have the right to seek damages in any of these situations and other landlord-tenant disputes. Our firm can help you seek compensation in small claims court, state court or with federal agencies who regulate discrimination and environmental issues involving housing.

It is important to take action now and seek legal remedy with the help of a lawyer who will advocate for your rights, interests and full compensation at any level of the judicial system.

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