Defective Product Representation

Manufacturers and retailers often offer warranties on the products they sell. These warranties are meant to protect consumers from financial harm if the product is defective. Warranties can also attract purchasers who may be reassured by the knowledge that their purchase is protected if the product should fail to function appropriately.

That sort of assurance can be a major factor in large purchases such as motor vehicles as well as smaller purchases such as appliances and home electronics.

There Are Ways To Secure Compensation After A Manufacturer Has Failed To Honor Your Warranty

If you have purchased a defective product and the manufacturer or retailer is refusing to honor the warranty that accompanied the product, we can help you pursue legal action to recover all appropriate compensation. This may mean pursuing a claim under Michigan’s lemon law, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act or any other available means of successfully resolving your situation, including litigation and direct negotiation.

Protecting Your Rights

At El Kodssi Law Firm, we focus on helping people resolve very difficult situations. When a manufacturer is not honoring the terms of its warranty, it can seem like a David versus Goliath situation. A manufacturer almost always has a significantly greater amount of financial and legal resources to support its position than a consumer. This can be discouraging for people. We use my extensive skills and experience to help people level the playing field and come away with a just result.

Help Fighting Holding Manufacturers Accountable In Dearborn

When a manufacturer fails to honor its obligations under a warranty, we can help you recover the compensation it owes you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 313-406-8935 or contact my office online.

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