Legal Representation For Consumer Financial Protection

Everyone can benefit from having a skilled advocate on his or her side when he or she has been treated unfairly in some sort of consumer transaction.

If a business has taken advantage of you, we can help you fight for your rights as a consumer.

How We Protect Your Rights

At El Kodssi Law Firm, we offer my clients skill and experience that can make the difference for them when their dealings with a business take a turn for the worse. Since 2005, we have been helping people work to resolve the most complex situations. We have a deep understanding of consumer law and the options people have when a business is harassing them or failing to honor obligations. Let us put that knowledge to work leveling the playing field for you.

We offer my skilled and experienced representation to those facing difficulties such as:

  • Creditor harassment – When creditors and collection agencies harass you and threaten actions such as repossession, garnishment and foreclosure, we can help you enforce your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and find debt relief through direct negotiation and bankruptcy.
  • Bad faith insurance claims – If your insurance company has unfairly minimized, denied or delayed processing of a valid claim, it may be acting in bad faith. We can help you hold your insurance company accountable for failing to honor its obligations under the terms of your policy.
  • Consumer warranty issues – If a manufacturer or retailer has failed to honor the warranty on a defective product, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.
  • Issues with their banks – People can find themselves the victims of check fraud, fraudulent electronic transfers and erroneous fees imposed by the bank itself. If your bank is not sufficiently helping you resolve your issues, I can help you take action against your bank.

Skilled Representation For Consumers In Dearborn

When you feel that a business is taking advantage of you, we can help you build a strong case that can create real results. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 313-406-8935 or contact my office online.

Services available in English, Arabic and French.