Helping Clients Resolve Financial Difficulties

We help clients throughout Dearborn and southeast Michigan resolve financial problems with personalized solutions. Bankruptcy isn’t the best solution for everyone.

We take the time to understand our clients’ financial needs and goals. If your financial troubles can be resolved through debt settlement negotiation or debt consolidation, we will help you achieve favorable terms and rates while helping you plan appropriately for the future.

At El Kodssi Law Firm, we help clients find debt relief through:

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy : Also called liquidation, Chapter 7 bankruptcy wipes out all qualifying debts by selling (or liquidating) some of your property. Once you file for bankruptcy, all collection efforts against you must be stopped, and you will not be expected to make payments toward secured debt.
  • Credit repair and identity theft repair : We know that in many cases, bankruptcy may not be the best option for you. Our lawyers will work closely with you to resolve debt problems and repair credit scores. We explore every option before assuming that bankruptcy will be the best solution to your problem.

We commonly field questions about and guide clients through credit card and medical debt relief. In most cases both of these types of debt are “unsecured” or “dischargeable” debt, which means that if you file for bankruptcy, these debts can simply be wiped away forever.

Did you know that you can keep most, if not all, of your property when you file for bankruptcy ? It’s true. Speak with us today about the debt relief options that can help you get a fresh financial start.

Speak With An Experienced Dearborn Bankruptcy Attorney

Please email us or call 313-406-8935 to schedule a meeting with attorney Hayssam A. El Kodssi to discuss your unique financial situation in detail. We look forward to helping you find efficient and effective resolution.

We provide services in English, Arabic and French.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.